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About Us

About Us

Jence was established in 2004 as a trading company in Bangladesh. Since then, the company was doing software development contract from overseas. Jence has internationally proven software development experience not only in enterprise software but also in embedded systems. Jence is also have an importing hand and imports Laptop computers, NFC/RFID chips and readers and related devices. Jence training program educates on marketing strategy and product development. Jence has international clients spanning from USA, Canada, Australia and sold NFC products in Bangladesh and USA.

Since 2007, Jence became a subsidiary of Soalib Incorporated of Massachusetts, USA. For details about Soalib Incorpoated, visit their site


  • 30 Years of combined software experience
  • The first company to bring NFC technology
  • Complete line of RFID solution
  • Time tested, established in 2004
  • Both local and International customers
  • Customer confidence

What we do

A short presentation on Jence Products and Solutions

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Services & Capabilities

We have wide range of experience in application development. As summarized below, we cover every major technology today in the market. We adopt new technology as soon as practical.

  • Operating Systems Expertise

    Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux.

  • Programming Languages

    C/C++, Java, Objective C, Swift, .NET, VB, C#, Perl, PHP, Javascript

  • Databases

    Mysql, Oracle, DB2, SqlAnywhere, Sybase, Sql Server, Enterprise DB, SQLite, Derby, HSQL, Interbase, Dbase, etc.

  • Frameworks and API

    Hibernate, SOALIB, Swing, Struts, JSP, PHP, ASP, CSS, GSOAP.


    Jence is one of the leading RFID/NFC solution provider in Bangladesh. Jence solutions are adopted by Schools, Hospitals, Garment Manufacturers, and in various other sectors.

  • Android Development

    Jence have developed many android applications for third-party which are already in the Google Play store. Sophisticated enterprise android applications with remote database connectivity and synchronization and SOAP based web services is a special expertise of Jence.

  • Access Control

    Jence is one step ahead in access control. Jence software along with NFC/RFID readers can be used to integrate time-attendance and door access control together. Networked Access Control allow door status and control using mobile phone.

  • Corporate ID Card

    Jence is a major supplier of corporate ID Cards with NFC/RFID chips. Jence keeps all frequency category IC in stock. ID card printing is also a separate service of Jence.