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GhosTrack FAQs

What is GhosTrack?
GhosTrack is a GPS Tracking android application by which you can track any other Android device from anywhere but you need to have Ghostrack installed in both the devices.
What is Ghost?
In this application Ghost means listed traceable members.
How does GhosTrack Works?
Ghostrack provides instant GPS location data of another phone via SMS. Real time location updates are also done by SMS. The positions of target phones (The phones to be tracked) are displayed on a map which updated upon request.
Who is it for?
Actually GhosTrack is for those who wants to track any other devices in Android platform. But precisely we designed GhosTrack for Vehicle Tracking, Sales Representative Tracking and for Paranoid parents who are concerned about their kidsí whereabouts.
What kind of phone should I have?
An Android phone with GPS hardware support and Android version 4.0.0 or above.
Should I must have GPS in my phone?
In order to perform successful Tracking operation GPS is mandatory in the Tracking end. But itís not necessary for the Tracker end if the he intends to Track any other device rather than his own position. GPS is needed if he wants to have ďMy LocationĒ.
What is Spy Mode?
Spy Mode is a unique feature of Ghostrack by which you can modify your tracking method by defining distance or time. That means after each user defined time or distance you will get to know the instantaneous position of the desired Ghost.
How do I disable Spy mode?
To deactivate Spy Mode just long press on the corresponding Ghost.
What do I get after upgrading to PRO version?
Unlimited number of Ghost. And many more important features which will be available in future upgrades.
Can I track using a PC?
Itís available in the Enterprise Version. If you purchase the Enterprise version you can Track any Android device via PC. For purchasing Enterprise version contact
Is this App available for IOS?
Is this App available for Windows Phone?
How do I upgrade to PRO version?
Choose the Upgrade menu item and follow the steps.
Can I upgrade to PRO version in any other way?
We always prefer that Customer buy their product via Google Play Store. But if someone wants to purchase in any other way they have to contact us via mail.
What does the Geo-Tracking feature do?
Geo-Tracking identifies a person's/Deviceís current, physical location by obtaining GPS data from their smartphones or other GPS-enabled devices.
Can the contact be updated?
You can always edit any contact by just simply long pressing them.
How can GhosTrack be used as Anti-theft?
Install GhosTrack in your phone and in any of your friendís phone. So whenever you lost your phone just use your friendís phone to find it.
How can GhosTrack be used for Paranoid Parents?
You can easily give your kid a simple Android device just to communicate with him. Certainly he will be interested too as Android has a mega collection of games and features. Doing so, you can easily track him simply using GhosTrack.
What minimum android version should I have to use GhosTrack?
4.0.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
When will the iPhone version be available?
Right now we donít have any plan to release any version in IOS. But in future if we do so we will let you know via our website.
Will GhosTrack have both SMS and Internet based location transfer?
Yes. We are working on that feature. You will get it in future updates.
How can I delete all the privacy data?
Right now we donít have any built in options for deleting privacy data. But you do it by uninstalling then again installing the app.
Can I use it on my Android Tablet?
This Application works via SMS. So cell phone network is needed to perform Tracking operation. If your Tab supports cell phone network then it will work perfectly on it. But if your tab only supports Wi-Fi then you canít perform tracking by it.
Does GhosTrack drain the Battery of my device by running in Background?
GhosTrack will only run in background if the Spy Mode is going on. Other than it will not consume power till you use it.
Why am I getting some weird text messages?
You will see these text messages when your phone does not have GhosTrack installed and another GhosTrack is trying to track you. Or, if your phone use Android KitKat (version 4.4), you will see these messages. Even if you install GhosTrack in a phone with KitKat, you will still see the messages. Delete these messages when they appear.
Why am getting "No ghost location data found"?
You will see this message when you select the "Ghost Position" drawer icon but there are not ghosts created. Please create a ghost, then the message will disappear.