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What is SOALIB?
SOALIB is a number of 18 Web Services hosted by Soalib, Inc. These Web Services may be consumed by Enterprise and Mobile Application Developers to write interoperable application. SOALIB enables Global connection from mobile app to the enterprise app. The most important Web Services offered by SOALIB are Data Synchronization, File backup and restore, Messaging, Query services which makes heterogeneous database synchronization a charm.
Can I have SOALIB hosted in our own private server?
Yes, this is the best approach for full control. Upon request, SOALIB can send a license file and a download link for users who are interested in using SOALIB in their own server.
How much does SOALIB servers cost?
The cost depends on User count and server configuration, the number of services to enable in licensing, annual support contract, and some other factors. The best way to start off is to contact Soalib's Marketing and Sales team at
What databases are supported by SOALIB sync engine?
Microsoft Access, Flat Binary Files, IBM DB2, Oracle Derby, Enterprisedb, FileMaker, Firebird, FrontBase, Hsql, Informix, Ingres, Interbase, Maxdb, Mssql, Mysql, Openbase, Oracle, Pointbase, Postgres, Sqlanywhere, Sybase, Flat Text file, TimesTen, Xbase DBF format.
What is SOASYNC?
SOALIB is a web service and resides in a server. Soasync is the client side of SOALIB. By using SOASYNC, you create connection to the databases which you would like to sync, create mapper, create batch, create schedule, start a sync or stop it. SOASYNC should be used to sync a database in a PC to a remote database. SOASYNC has advanced tunneling to work through firewall.
How much does SOASYNC cost?
Its free.
Is SOALIB Open Source?
Is SOASYNC Open Source?
Can I use SOALIB to sync my SQLite Database in Android to a remote database?
Yes. And this is what we do in all our mobile Android apps.
Is SOALIB Programmable?
Yes. SOALIB client API may be downloaded for use in Java based applications and also for Android apps.
How do you sell SOALIB?
If you are planning to use Soalib Service in your application, there are two ways to use SOALIB services: 1) to purchase service on a subscription basis; 2) to purchase the SOALIB server application.
Is SOALIB compatible with iPhone?
There is a C library available for use in applications written in C.
In what platforms does SOALIB run?
SOALIB is a Java web application and you would need a java based application server. Examples are: WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat, JBoss, etc.
What kind of license do I need to use SOALIB in our mobile application?
If you are writing app for commercial purpose, the best option is to purchase SOALIB and install in your own server. Alternatively, use SOALIB online and pay on a subscription basis. Special pricing available for large projects. Contact Soalib sales.
Is SOALIB available for Embedded Systems?
Yes. SOALIB can be installed in a SBC (Single Board Computer) and SOALIB has demonstrated it by moving a robotic arm using a cellphone.
Can SOALIB be used to control house hold appliances?
SOALIB can be interfaced with PC serial or USB to just about anything. You need to write the software interface for driving the appliances.
Can SOALIB be used to monitor multiple phones?
Yes. SOALIB's Android library have that capability.
Can SOALIB be used to sync SQLite database of one phone to the other?
Can SOALIB be used to sync SQLite database on iPhone to other?
Not yet. But we are working on it.
What programming language does SOALIB support on the client side?
Java, C# (.NET), C/C++.
Can SOALIB web services be consumed using PHP?
Yes. SOALIB's PHP interface is available.
What is the current version of SOALIB?
1.0.6 called 'deneb'.
When will the next version be released?
Version 1.0.7 will be released mid 2014 and will be called 'enif'.