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WorkDaddy FAQs

What is WorkDaddy?
WorkDaddy is an Organization Management Android Application. WorkDaddy can collect attendance, plan event and even can read NFC/RFID identity cards.
Who is it for?
WorkDaddy is a professional application. It can be used wherever employee management is needed. Even it can work well in educational institutes.
What kind of phone should I have?
A simple Android Phone with Android version 4.0.0 or above.
Should I must have a phone with NFC?
If you have NFC then you can use it to read ID cards hence collect the attendance through WorkDaddy. But it will work perfectly well without NFC. Then you just have to put the attendance manually.
What do I get by upgrading to PRO version?
Right now unlimited number of users and in future more useful features.
How do I transfer attendance data to PC?
In the free version you can do it by mailing it to the Admin or to the corresponding user. But in the Enterprise version you can directly download it to PC. For purchasing Enterprise version contact $config->contact["email"]
Can I sync the attendance data to our corporate database?
Yes you can but it is only available in enterprise version.
Where can I use this App?
It can be used wherever employee management is needed. Even it can work well in educational institutes, Corporate House, Small Business Organizations, Restaurants, Bars, Cafesí, Pubs etc.
Is this App available for iPhone?
Is this App available for Windows Phone?
How do I upgrade to PRO version?
Choose the Upgrade menu item and follow the steps.
Can I upgrade to PRO version in any other way?
We always prefer that Customer buy their product via Google Play Store. But if someone wants to purchase in any other way they have to contact us via mail.
Can I lock or password protect WorkDaddy?
Can I edit the attendance data?
Can I invite to event participants?
Yes. But this feature will be available in future updates.
What minimum android version should I have to use WorkDaddy?
4.0.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
When will the iPhone version be available?
Right now we donít have any plan to release any version in IOS. But in future if we do so we will let you know via our website.
What is an event in WorkDaddy?
An event in WorkDaddy is a span of time with a start date (and optional end date) with participants in it. First you create event with future start date and then add participants (the users) into the event. WorkDaddy can also be used to invite the participants and have them register via SMS or Email.
Can a participant register via SMS?
Yes. Available in Pro version only.
Can I invite participants via Email or SMS ?
What is the limitation of WorkDaddy in Trial version?
Limited to 10 active users and one Event (excluding default event).