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No Monthly Fees Ever.

Jence Enters iOS

After successful Android years
Jence enters into iOS Apps development.

Application Integration in All Platform

SOALIB integrates all Applications in All Platforms.

Full Line of NFC/RFID

We have Full Line of NFC/RFID products and solutions, fully printed and delivered, Jence ID Card solution is THE best in the industry

Quality Guarantee

High Consumer Confidence

  • Full Range of
    NFC Solutions

    We are the provider of NFC solutions to schools, corporations and industries

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  • Combined 20 Years
    Experience in Software

    Combined 20 Years experience in requirements based application development categorized in Web Applications, Java, .NET, Smart-phones.

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  • Confidence and Reliance
    of Returning Customers

    Customers keep on coming back to us project after project growing in size and complexity for there Software and Hardware Requirements

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  • Largest supplier of non-recurring non-service fee GPS Tracker

    Owners of car, motorcycle use our automobile trackers. Personal tracker can be used to track people. And we have trackable watch.

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Whats New

BanglaTracker: Never loose the things you love

Jence Bangladesh brings an innovative solution to the GPS tracking. You buy BanglaTracker device from Jence, install it in your car for vehicle tracking and know its position from Android phone. There is also a Personal Tracker, which you can give to your kids, sales persons, employees, cargo, etc to locate their position. All positions can be viewed from our BanglaTracker android app.


No hassle to log into a web site to view the vehicle or person's location.
The offline map in the BanglaTracker map will display the position right in your Android phone.
No monthly fee, not catch, no hidden charge, no service charge
Yes, its true. You buy the BanglaTracker device and app and thats yours for ever. Never pay us monthly fees and there are absolutely no hidden charge. You control the SMS expenses.
Shut off your vehicle or see if in accessories mode
Suspicious about whats happening to your car or who is driving it. Shut off ignition from your Android phone. Or, see if the car is running or not.
Check if the car has reached destination
Geofence the area where you want to be notified if the car has reached that area. Its that simple.

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Recent Developments

Jence on NFC and RFID

Jence has established itself as the pioneer in NFC and RFID technologies in Bangladesh. With the demand for NFC and RFID increasing, Jence is partnering with foreign NFC and RFID supplies on an increasing rate. Jence now have immediate availability of LF, HF and UHF RFID along with Active RFID on need basis. All frequency readers are also available. NFC and RFID chips are also in stock.

Watch List

Labbaik's new version will be released
Labbaik's new version will be released with historic site marks.
All NFC/RFID chips and readers are in stock
Jence stocks 125KHz (LF), 13.56MHz (HF) and UHF RFID are immediately available
Jence invests on Access Control System
Jence spends on R@andp;D of state-of-the-art Access Control system in which locks can be opened by NFC/RFID cards, phones, fingerprints and face recognition.

Labbaik: A Wayfarers Assistant

Labbaik, the Android applciation for Hajj, Umrah with an additional touch. Unlike other applications, which merely adds Dua and Hajj rules, Labbaik does more. Labbaik includes the map of the entire Saudi Arabia. The wayfarer current location including tracking. Labbaik can be used to track another wayfarer if their phone number is known (they must also have Labbaik installed). Labbaik has the ability to geo-fence a particular area as a circle of a target wayfarer and gives notification to the source wayfarer when the target wayfarer enters the fenced area. Labbaik also have a current position marking feature to allow the wayfarer to return to the marked area whenever needed. Historic and important sites of Mecca and Medina as well as various other places are alread marked in Labbaik.

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See What We Did

Controlling the Lynxmotion Robotic arm with six degrees of freedom using an Android phone. How did we do it?

Android App connects to SOALIB.
SOALIB is a SOAP based Web Service developed by Soalib, Inc USA. It can be used to send messages back and forth from one SOALIB application to another.
The App then sends the move command to the application in the PC.
The PC application is also connected to SOALIB listening to incoming messages from the Android App.
Android App sends move commands.
Android App sends commands like elbow+/elbow- to move the elbow up/down and other similar commands for each degree of freedom.
The PC command receives the message and executes the commands and sends back ackowledgement.
SOALIB queues all communication so that even if the PC is not connected, it will get the messages when it connects to SOALIB. SOALIB also have the option to retain the message in SOALIB for specified period of time.

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