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Labbaik: A Wayfarers Assistant

Labbaik, the Android applciation for Hajj, Umrah with an additional touch. Unlike other applications, which merely adds Dua and Hajj rules, Labbaik does more. Labbaik includes the map of the entire Saudi Arabia. The wayfarer current location including tracking. Labbaik can be used to track another wayfarer if their phone number is known (they must also have Labbaik installed). Labbaik has the ability to geo-fence a particular area as a circle of a target wayfarer and gives notification to the source wayfarer when the target wayfarer enters the fenced area. Labbaik also have a current position marking feature to allow the wayfarer to return to the marked area whenever needed. Historic and important sites of Mecca and Medina as well as various other places are alread marked in Labbaik.

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GhosTrack is an ideal application to locate the Geographical Coordinate of another Android Device using SMS. There is an Admin phone (which wants to track other phones) and the target phones. GhosTrack has a free version and a paid version. In the free version, only one person may be tracked. In the paid version, unlimited phones may be tracked. In addition, in the paid version, offline maps can be downloaded requiring no internet. On international travel, this feature is very attractive. GhosTrack also has geo-fencing. GhosTrack can track only by sending SMS, no Internet is needed.

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WorkDaddy is an application for attendance/registration for events. This app may be used in work environments where there are hourly employees who needs to check-in/check-out their attendance and pay is hourly based. It may be used in schools for attendance. WorkDaddy may be used in NFC enabled phone to take attendance using NFC ID Cards. Jence provides full ID cards solution.

WorkDaddy is packed with many other features. The app may be used for setting up new events like seminars, meetings and each participant may be invited using SMS. The participant may register by sending an SMS with a specific code. Attendance history can be generated, total computed and report generated and sent by email. The app even generates excel spreadsheet. See details for other features.

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BanglaTracker Android App along with BanglaTracker device is capable of locating precisely the position of the device using this BanglaTracker App. You have to purchase a BanglaTracker device, which includes a vehicle tracker, personal tracker or a GPS watch. All there are compatible with BanglaTracker App. BanglaTracker have both online and offline map. In online mode, the location of the device is shown on Google Map. In offline mode, the map is displayed on custom offline map. The map of the entire world is available.

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