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BanglaTracker BT02A - The Lowest Cost vehicle battery powered Tracker

No monthly recurring bills. Yes, its true. This unique low cost tracker for your personal and commercial motorcycle, car and other vehicle's use. Just install it in your motorcycle and car and track your vehicle's location and direction of movement on your android phone. Other trackers in the market ask for recurring monthly bills, high installation cost, no offline tracking, and many other difficulties. Now, with this unit, you can track the location of your vehicle without even needing Internet by just using your mobile phone.

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BanglaTracker Personal BT106

This is a personal tracker, a must for your children. Put it in your child's backpack, leave it in your car temporarily, of put it in your pocket. Then use BanglaTracker to locate this personal tracker where ever it is. With built in precision GPS, two batteries included, a waterproof case, and free integrated Android App, this personal tracker is unbeatable deal. You may find other similar trackers in the market, but they are difficult to use. They do not provide you a friendly App. They all need you to have internet to see the position. With BanglaTracker, you do not even need internet to see the pocation of this personal tracker.

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BanglaTracker Watch BT109

This is a real watch with GSM phone and built-in precision GPS. Phone calls can be received by this phone and answered. Give this watch to your sales persons, car and truck drivers, child, or put it yourself and track using BanglaTrack Android App. The first of its kind in Bangladesh, this GPS Watch Phone is all you need to run your business.

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