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Software Development Solutions

Application Development

Requirements Based Application Development Service

Jence has provided both locally and internationally application software for third parties for years. Jence is a major Software Outsourcing company. Jence has delivered hundreds of applications to vendors meeting thier requirements.

If you have a need to oursource your software development to Jence, have us review the requirements by our technical team. After a thorough technical review, we will determine the approximate days required to develop the software along with pricing information.

Software Development Process

Work Flow

  • 01. Initial Meeting

    Customer and Jence meets to discuss initial requirements and writes a formal requirements document.

  • 02. Timeline Determination

    Jence evaluates the technology and determines the approximate number of effective expert hour. If initial costing could be determined, it will be calculated at this stage.

  • 03. Statement Of Work

    Jence submits a Statement of Work as part of the Proposal to the client. Client gets into a binding contract.

  • 04. Advance Payment

    Client pays advance payment based on the contract. In some contracts, client pays on hourly basis.

Development Flow

  • 01. Requirements Analysis

    At this stage, the requirements is analyzed and experts are assigned for design.

  • 02. Design

    Design of the software is done at this stage. Design document is drafted and objects are designed.

  • 03. Implementation

    Implementation of the design is done on an iterative process here.

  • 04. Testing

    Unit testing of the implementation as well as integration test are done at this time.

Expertise Area


  • Android Applications
  • iOS Applciations, including the mobile platform
  • PC Applications
  • Complex heterogeneous integrated applications
  • Embedded Systems area
  • Custom development in NFC/RFID Solutions


  • Web applications
  • Dynamic responsive websites
  • Web Services and REST services
  • Heterogeneous bi-directional data synchronization
  • ERP solutions
  • Heterogeneous Applications