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GPS trackers and GPS tracking solutions are getting more and more popular these days. More people are using the solution to track vehicles, spouse, kids, elders, and assets; the main reason of use for GPS tracking is basically to create a certain degree of assurance that whatever you are tracking is safe and can be located any time. GPS tracking does have a lot of benefits. Vehicles lost can be recovered easily with GPS tracking and people such as kids or elders can be safeguarded from getting lost -- this solution is also useful to track people with Autism or Alzheimer and keep them safe. In order to enjoy these benefits to the fullest, you need to make sure that the GPS tracker used as part of the GPS tracking solution you are choosing is simply the best.

GPS trackers that are compact and easy to carry. There are a lot of GPS tracking devices currently on the market and service providers may opt for different models, so make sure you ask question and see specifications of the GPS tracker being used for certain GPS tracking solution.

Jence stock has different types of GPS Tracker(Child tracker,Vehicles tracker and many more tracking device).



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  GhosTrack is an ideal application to locate the Geographical Coordinate of another Android Device using SMS. So, there is an Admin phone (which wants to track other phones) and the target phones (which will be tracked). Admin just need the phone numbers of these target phones to track them.

  This is a high security lock made of industry grade Aluminum frame with front touch screen and NFC card sensor. There is no traditional key hole in this lock which makes this type of lock safer than the traditional one. To enter, you enter the numeric password or an NFC card or both.

 This app calculates attendance based on NFC/RFID cards/chips. Subscriber needs to create and register user. Each user can have several cards. Once the registration is completed the user can check in or out by simply touching that card. Also the user can create an event and manage it by the help of this application.