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Version: 1.0.1

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Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It is a visit to the Ka'ba, the house of Allah (SWT). The Ka'ba was built by Prophet Adam, the first man and Prophet on earth. It is known as the holiest place for Muslims and represents the direction that Muslims pray five times a day; from all around the world. During the time of Hajj one has to perform several holly procedures and has to move from one place to another quite frequently. So there is a good amount of possibilities that he can lost among the million pilgrims. Labbaik will help you to keep connected with your friends, families and your fellow Hajj pilgrims. It also helps you to locate important holy places and find Hajj rules and regulations easily.

Application Profile:

*Informations are provided as per the Version 1.0.1 available on Google Play

Application Name




Developing Language


Help Line Phone Number

1-650-SOALIB0(762-5420), +8801792494877

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Labbaik is a kind of Application which will guide you through the whole Hajj procedure and also keep you connected with your friends and families. Labbaik will let you know where you are supposed to visit and send your report accordingly. You don't have to carry and books or install any additional android application. Hajj rules and procedures attach with the application, so that you can easily find whenever you need it.

And also labbaik is an ideal application to locate the Geographical Coordinate of another Android Device using SMS. So, there is an Admin phone (which wants to track other phones) and the target phones (which will be tracked). Admin just need the phone numbers of these target phones to track them. In the position stream mode, any set movement beyond certain distance and time will trigger transfer of Geographical Coordinates of the target to the Admin. labbaik can be used to locate friends & family, as anti-theft device, tracing the route (for example, in hiking and sports), etc. The whole operation can be completed in using offline maps.


Go to Google Play Store by your Android device. Give a search by "Labbaik".

Search "Labbaik"

You will find "Labbaik" developed by Soalib Incorporated. Download and install it. It will take a few seconds of time depends on your connection speed.

Press "Labbaik"

Press Install

Press Accept

Will take a few moments to download

Admin Creation:

After finishing installation whenever you log in to Labbaik, it will ask some information for creating a profile. Remember this profile will always act as Admin of that corresponding phone.

Provide required information

Give your Name, Phone Number and Email ID. Other information is optional. Press save after finishing. So now that account will act as admin.

You can import Contact data from your Phone/Sim contact list

Select Contact

You can directly import contact data from your phone or sim. For multiple numbers select one number for default tracking

Wayfarer Creation:

In this application you can track several members. You can add or create unlimited numbers. Just press the upper right plus icon. It will again ask for Details. Provide the information and proceed. Put down Name, Phone Number and Mail Id of your trackable member as you did before for admin creation.

Press the plus Icon

Provide the information and proceed

Offline Operation:

If the phone is not connected to internet Labbaik will automatically set this method as the default method. But whether the phone is connected or not it is always possible to track anything in Offline maps. But for that one needs to download the map first. The phone will automatically ask for downloading, offline maps.

Press yes for downloading offline Maps

Select region

Select Country and press the download icon

Download started

Offline Maps

Wayfarers Position:

Wayfarers Position shows the current Location of the wayfarer. Press Wayfarers Position it will show the Wayfarers list. Choose your desired one to find its current position. Remember in your Wayfarers list first tab will be the admin user himself.

Press Wayfarer Current Position

Red circled is the Admin and the blue one is the Wayfarer. Press the Wayfarer to view his current location..

The phone will ask for confirmation. Press Yes

The current position of the Wayfarer will be displayed on the Map with Location, Time and Speed

(Offline View)

Tag location:

Tag location will enable the option for tracking someone in the user defined location. For example, if a user (Tracker end) wishes to get a report whenever his defined wayfarer (Tracking end) enters in a certain location destination tracking is the perfect solution for that. The user just needs to configure the location in the map and define the person. In this 1.0.1 version user can only track himself and hence he will get the report whenever he enters the certain location. But the next version user can also track orders.

Press Tag Location

Select location

Long press will activate tagging. The application will show the coordinates and ask for registration, press "Register"

Location Selected

My Location:

My location will show the current location of the Admin.

Press My Location

Press the icon for current location of the Admin

(Offline View)

Inactive Wayferer:

You can always make any wayfarer hence member Inactive. For deactivating any member just long press him and then select the lower left triangular menu. Then for deactivating him select "Inactive" and save. The option Inactive wayfarer will show the Inactive List.

Select Inactive and save

Mark land:

During hajj you will visit many places and also there are lots of masque and every masque there are many doors. Sometimes people cannot memorize all the places and every door of the mosque. You can mark a place in a Labbaik application.

Press mark land

Press and hold ( where you want to mark )

You can also give a name of your marked land

Marked places

Help me:

Help me is the option by which user can send his last position to his desired members if he in danger or something like that. Just got to the option bar, select help me, select the text, select receiver. Now it is ready to send the text with the last location anytime anywhere.

Select Help me

Select Text

When in danger just press the HELP icon

Help text


        1. Offline Tracking.

        2. Offline is fully independent of internet connection.

        3. Map size is low so will not consume a large amount of memory.

        4. Two independent tracking methods which can be synchronized together.

Other GPS tracking software tracks using Internet based polling. Labbaik uses SMS mainly due to the fact SMS is almost instantaneous while internet based location transfer has several disadvantages.

a) You need Internet Connection.

b) Software has to poll a service continuously and eventually driving the battery down quickly.

c) Internet based location Transfer may have significant latency which will cause inaccurate position of moving targets

5. Doesn’t require any high profile flagship device just a simple device with Android 4.0.0+ and GPS will do the work.

6. Only a 6.72 MB app so will not consume a lot of memory.

7. Have low battery notification System.

8. Unlimited Wayferer can be added.

9. Track method can be modified by defining time or distance interval.

10. It will always show the speed of the Wayferer.


Free: Free version is available on Google Play

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