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Near Filed Communication(NFC) is an electronic chip based radio communication system by which two electronic devices can establish connection by touching them together or bring them into proximity. NFC is multiuse communication system. Different types of official purpose can be served by it.NFC based ID cards is used for access control as in a hotel door, operate NFC enabled electrical devices, login into a computer, etc.

At the heart of every NFC tag, sticker or product is an NFC 'chip' or 'IC' (integrated circuit). These tiny electronic devices store your information and control how it can be accessed.

Different NFC chips have different sizes of memory and different memory configurations. This affects the amount of information you can store on certain chips but it also affects how the chip can be locked and other very important factors.

Jence stock tags and products containing a number of different NFC chips including the latest NTAG213, NTAG203, Ultralight, Mifare 1K and Topaz 512 chips.


Memory Size : this is the total amount of memory within the chip. Some of this will be one time programmable (OTP), some will be for locking features and so on. Most will be for user read/write.
User Memory : this is generally the bit that's important to you. This is the available memory for you to store your data.
URL Length : this is generally the maximum length of URL you can store on this chip, excluding the http:// or http://www parts
NFC Forum Compliant : Compatible with NFC Forum specifications.
Serial Number : Chip contains a unique serial number for identification purposes. Note that a specific 'App' would be required to access this information.
Cryptography : A security feature on the chip which can help prevent cloning and unauthorised data access. This is a very advanced feature which requires specialist knowledge and is rarely required under regular use.
Can be readable by any Smartphone, any tablets, and even any device with NFC Integration.
Long Lasting.
Can be also used as smart visiting cards
No external power needed for NFC chip.
Can be used as attendance any office, school, college, organization etc.
Can applicable for online identity, virtual identity as well as physical identity.
Can be used for online banking identity.



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  This is a high security lock made of industry grade Aluminum frame with front touch screen and NFC card sensor. There is no traditional key hole in this lock which makes this type of lock safer than the traditional one. To enter, you enter the numeric password or an NFC card or both.

 This app calculates attendance based on NFC/RFID cards/chips. Subscriber needs to create and register user. Each user can have several cards. Once the registration is completed the user can check in or out by simply touching that card. Also the user can create an event and manage it by the help of this application.