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12 Jan PCB Design using Altium Designer
2 1000
Descriptions PCB (Printed Circuit Board) designing is an integral part of each Electronics products and this program is designed to make professionals capable to design PCB up to Industrial grade.Pre-requisites Knowledge of Electronics Components. Curriculum Section 1 : Introduction to PCB design What is PCB, brief HistoryTrends in PCB D..
12 Jan Advanced Design using FPGA using VHDL/Verilog
admin 0 803
DescriptionsThis practical guide explores the development and deployment of FPGA-based digital systems using the two most popular hardware description languages, Verilog and VHDL. Written by a pair of digital circuit design experts, the book offers a solid grounding in FPGA principles, practices, and applications and provides an overview of more co..
12 Jan Advanced Design using 32 bit Microcontroller
admin 0 959
DescriptionsThe Final goal of this program is to give in-depth knowledge of 32bit Microcontroller by using ARM Architecture with their programming so that professional can work on Real Time Projects like Smart Automation, Smart Building, Smart Agriculture, Smart Logistic s & Transport .EligibilityWorking Professional/Graduated Pre-requisitesKnowled..
06 Jan NFC
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            Near Field Communication (NFC) is a RFID technology, which is a chip of the size of a sand grain is powered by a reader. However, the difference between RFID and NFC is that the chip must be brought very close to the reader for it to operate, usually under 10cm. The field then causes a high speed link between the reader and the chip for..
06 Jan RFID
admin 0 2788
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology in which a tiny chip of the size of sand grain is remotely powered by a reader, which then sends data back to the reader. Because this operation is passive, the cost of these chips are sub-dollars and very inexpensive.  Frequency Allocation. RFID have frequency allocation called LF (100-130KHz..
02 Jan Identification & Security Solutions
admin 0 466
Identification & Security Solutions NFC/RFID embedded ID Cards  Jence core competency resides in its NFC/RFID embedded ID cards. If the company already have existing ID cards, Jence have sufficient supply of NFC/RFID stickers/inlays to use the existing PVC card as identification. In addition, Jence also provides NFC/RFID wristbands for use in ho..
28 Nov Bangla Tracker
admin 3 17857
Bangla trackerBT100 is a small device with built in battery & a battery connector. It is hidden in a motorcycle or a car without anyone's knowledge. It sends location information upon request or sends continuous location.. You can see the Location of a vehicle (Bangla tracker installed) in your phone or PC/Laptop anywhere any time.Bangla Tracker BT..
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