Bangla trackerBT100 is a small device with built in battery & a battery connector. It is hidden in a motorcycle or a car without anyone's knowledge. It sends location information upon request or sends continuous location.. You can see the Location of a vehicle (Bangla tracker installed) in your phone or PC/Laptop anywhere any time.

Bangla Tracker BT100 Feature is below:

BT100 Total feature:

·        Location tracking by android apps & website.

·         Continues Online Tracking.

·         Check history of previous movement.

·         Vehicle start ON/OFF via mobile or PC.

·         Notification on Start ON.

·         Voice Tracking.

·         SOS button for emergency.

·         No monthly service fee.

·         Power backup & notification if device disconnected from the vehicle battery.

·         1 year warranty.


Hardware Requirements

Bangla Trackers are self-contained devices and does not need any other devices or hardware other than a power source and a SIM card.

Software Requirements

Jence provides Android app to track the device using the phone or you can track the vehicle from website. you can continuously track your vehicle & check history of previous movement.

Cost of Operation

GPS Trackers have an extremely low cost of operation. The initial investment, which includes the Tracker itself and installation, is much lower than the competitors. After installation, its operating cost is only limited to the price of Internet package. For online continues tracking you need only 250MB for whole month. All GPS Trackers come with a 1 year standard warranty.

Why GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers are used to track expensive assets to determine its geographic location. GPS Tracker has the following applications:

 1. Obtaining current location and path of an intercity vehicle. Examples are, cargo vehicles like high tonnage trucks, train, ships, etc.

2. Asset protection for owner and financiers from theft and vandalism. Examples are, asset loan and leasing companies protect investment, asset recovery, locating hidden assets, etc.