This practical guide explores the development and deployment of FPGA-based digital systems using the two most popular hardware description languages, Verilog and VHDL. Written by a pair of digital circuit design experts, the book offers a solid grounding in FPGA principles, practices, and applications and provides an overview of more complex topics. Important concepts are demonstrated through real-world examples, ready-to-run code, and inexpensive start-to-finish projects for both the Basys3 and Arty boards.


CSE/EEE Students, Working Professional/Graduated.



Knowledge of Electronic component and C language programming.


Curriculum Highlights

Advanced Design using FPGA using VHDL/Verilog covers:

  • Field-programmable gate array fundamentals
  • Basys3 and Arty FPGA boards
  • The Vivado design suite
  • Verilog and VHDL
  • Data types and operators
  • Combinational circuits and circuit blocks
  • Data storage elements and sequential circuits
  • Soft-core microcontrollers and digital interfacing
  • Advanced FPGA applications
  • The future of FPGAs