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BT100 Total feature:Ø  Location tracking by android apps & website.Ø  Continus Online TrackingØ  Check history of previous movementØ  Vehicle start ON/OFF via mobile or PC.Ø  Notification on Start ONØ  Voice TrackingØ  SOS button for emergency.Ø  No mon..
TK.4,000.00 TK.4,500.00
Mifare 4K PVC ID Card (China)
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Model: Mifare 4K PVC ID Card
The MIFARE family covers contactless smart card ICs used in public transport, access management, loyalty cards and many more. Thermal Transfer printable Functions: Read/Write Memory size: 4KB Frequency: 13.56MHz RF Protocol: ISO14443A Target Applications ID Card Public tran..
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NFC Ultralight Sticker
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Model: NFC Ultralight Sticker
NFC Ultralight StickerFrequency: 13.5 MHzNFC Chip - NFC Ultralight Usable Memory -64 bytesProgrammable - Read/Write Color – White, Adhesive back..
TK.30.00 TK.35.00
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